WCA World Castle Weekend 2014

This year WCA World Castle Weekend will be held on 14. – 15.06.2014

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Happy birthday WCA! 5 years

14/01/2014 – The five WCA-Happy Birthday!
– On January, 14th will be five years sharp since the date of World Castles Award Program foundation.
In connection with this event on January, 18th and 19th, will take place activity radiohams from castles and fortresses of the world – WCA Happy Birthday (WCA HBD).
At present we have support from radiohams of some countries who will be active from castles and fortresses their own countries during these days.

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Merry Christmas and happy new year 2014!

To all castle friends S5 WCA team wish you a very nice and pleasant Christmas and many many castlepeditons in 2014!

A lot QSO from many new castle references!

Best 73 & 11 de S5 WCA Team

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16.06.2012 S51RU/p WCA S5-00116 Fortress KONJICE

On Saturday 16.06.2012 as part of World Castle Weekend Marjan S51RU has done his forth sucessfull S5 WCA activation. This time he was working from fortress KONJICE with WCA S5-00116 reference. More about activation: HERE (slovenian language)

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20.05.2012 S51RU/p WCA S5-00137 Fortress LINDEK

On Sunday20.05.2012 Marjan S51RU successfully activated fortress LINDEK with WCA reference S5-00137. More about activation: HERE (slovenian language)

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27.04.2012 S51RU/p WCA S5-00286 Fortress STUDENICE

On Friday 27.04.2012 Marjan S51RU has successfully activated fortress STUDENICE with WCA reference S5-00268. More about activation: HERE. (slovenian language)

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09.04.2012: S51RU/p S5-00066 Dvorec Štatemberg (STATENBERG)

On Easter Monday 09.04.2012 Marjan S51RU has successfully activated manor Štatemberg with WCA reference S5-00066. More about activation: HERE. (slovenian language)

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10.03.2012 S5 Hamradio fest with S5 WCA prezentation

10th March 2012 was S5 Hamradio fest with the market and presenting hamradio activities in Pekre near city of Maribor …

S5 WCA HQ team was there with the knight of the castle and castles official clerk

Picture for first impression:

Front row from left: S57PZ – Zvone, S50LD – Lovro and S51JS – Jaka

Back row: Castles official clerk – Stane and knight S56JTB – Bojan

And video for full impressio: HERE


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04.03.2012: S57PZ/p S5-00069 Grad Smlednik (Flednigg, Flödnigg)

On sunday 04.03.2012 Zvone S57PZ/p activated ruins of castle Smlednik (Flednigg) with WCA reference S5-00069. More about activation: HERE. (slovenian language)

And a short picture-video: HERE

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25.02.2012: S57PZ/p and S53JP/p – S5-00122 Škofja Loka castle

Zvone, S57PZ/p with his son Jure, S53JP/p activated Škofja Loka castle on 25th February 2012. Some picure from his activation and short report you can see HERE. (slovenian language)

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